Safety&security film - 7M
  • Safety&security film - 7M
  • Safety&security film - 7M
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Safety&security film keeps the burglars outside!

This safety&security film heavily obstructs a burglary attempt and also prevent glass splinter to fly around during a heavy impact. This prevents injury and is safer for the residents.

Safety&security film provides more security!

The safety&security film needs to be applied on the inside of the glass.
When trying to break the glass from the outside the glass splinters stick to the film which prevents possible injuries.

The film forms a safety shield that prevents or at least heavily obstructs a burglary attempt!


Safety&security film offers a safe and certified solution

This film is often used to transform standard glass into safety glass without a hassle. (officially certified).
For this reason it is widely used on glass inside schools, childcare, shopping malls, offices, and of course also at home!

The window film is transparent, so the vision inside and outside remains completely the same.

Would you like to know all features and benefits of safety&security glass?
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Available sizes:

The sizes can be selected at section ; Sizes

** Ordering customer-specific sizes is possible! Contact us for the details. **

Thickness of the film:

7M - 175 micron 







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