One-way mirror | Interior or Exterior

One-way mirror film reduces the vision from the outside!

One-way mirror film is a little bit different from the other film types. This film restricts the vision from the outside, but doesn't limit the vision from the inside. This high-quality films is easy to handle. With the help of this film you are able to create privacy inside your office, for instance when the vision inside certain rooms isn't desired. Also valuables are fully out of sight during the day.

Note: the better the contrast is light to dark, the better the film works.
when the light on both sides is about the same, the effect is much less, in the evening the anti-glare effect disappeared.

One-way mirror film also reduces UV-rays

One-way mirror film is easy to apply. A clear instruction with a step-by-step explanation of the whole application process is included.

One-way mirror film is also available in a premium version on roll width of 45 cm and 67,5 cm. The excellent version of one-way mirror film is even available in roll widths of 50, 100, 150 or 180 cm!

One-way mirror film is easy to apply

One-way mirror films is easy to apply on your windows. You can select the exterior film or the interior variant.
The "mirror effect" occurs when the inside of the building is darker than outside. This is the case during day time. However when it is outside darker than inside a building - for instance in the evening- the film partially loses its functionality.
One-way mirror film now available to order online!