Safety & Security film

Safety&Security film offers more protection!

This safety&security film is able to discourage or at least heavily obstructs and delays a possible burglary.
It also avoids glass pane shattering in case of an impact, to protect the residents from getting injured by glass splinters.
Safety&security film is a tough, transparent and invisible film that makes sure that whoever is trying to get inside by breaking the glass is heavily obstructed. 

Safety&security film is a hard-to-beat obstruction!

The Safety&security film needs to be applied to the inside of the glass.
When trying to smash the window the film makes sure the glass splinters stick to the film as much as possible.
A burglary attempt is heavily obstructed and in a lot of cases the burglars give up, as it takes too much time to get inside
Once applied the film is completely transparent; the view inside or outside remains the same as before.

Safety&security film is often combined

Nowadays the safety&security film can be combined with other features, such as solar protection. This kills two birds with one stone. The solar protection/Safety&security film does not only keep burglars out, but also the sun heat and harmful UV-rays.

Safety&security film is available in 7M, and in the even more tough 12M quality.